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Teas, Spices & Superfoods

Quality Natural Products to Promote Health!
Looking for the best natural products for your health? You will love our products! Sams Teas and Spices is dedicated to offering high quality, popular, and high grade tea, superfoods and spice products.

We import and distribute these products across Canada and the United States. Our product line has been carefully selected to provide the most significant benefits to your health.

Natural Remedies and Organic Superfoods for Positive Health Benefits

We are passionate about what we do. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional experience.


  • Body Loving Superfoods

    Only the highest quality and organic Superfoods available. Our curated line of powders provide health benefits to your daily life. Whether you want to boost your energy, or yield off inflammation.

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  • A New Kind of Latte

    A delicious way to get your energy boost that is also a delightful treat. Not only do our lattes have the benefits superfood, but taste delicious for your daily morning pick me up or afternoon treat.

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  • Benefit Driven Teas

    Every tea in our portfolio has been specially curated with the expectation of providing health and wellness benefits. From aiding in digestion, sleep, lack of energy, mental focus - there is a tea to help.

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