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Adam: Quality from Day One
Sam's products are top quality. You will notice that from the first order and never stop enjoying this fact. I've been buying from Sam for the past, oh maybe, 3-4 years now. The consistency of top notch customer service, speed of delivery and high quality is refreshing. Sometimes, it's a bit too good to be true. Reality? It's all true. If Sam carries a certain item, I buy it from him. If not, I look somewhere else.

Gary: Verified Reviewer: Wheat Grass Juice
I have been using the product for 5 or 6 years now. That alone should tell you how much I like the product. Great price, amazing delivery. Questions or problems are addressed immediately

Verified Reviewer
5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Review: I love getting this product from Sam's - great price & quality!

Lily: Verified Reviewer
What a wonderful surprise I got my first order today with lots of nice surprises in it... THE nicest surprise was my getting a phone call from 'Sam' I was gob-smacked that there was a real 'Sam' and what a gentleman he is. One of life's surprises, just when your feeling jaded with life, a gem like Same brightens your day. Thank you for listening Sam, and all your kind words AND such expeditious delivery WTG :) As you said Customer Service is NOT a department, it's an attitude, and your attitude is something we should clone world wide - Doing a random acts of kindness.

Chris Long: Verified Reviewer
5 star rating: Satisfied customer

Alvin Hoang: Verified Reviewer
5 star rating: Great price great product and great service

Alvin: Great Price, Great Product, and Great Service!
Awesome expirence with Sam. Quick delivery, good price and good products!

Bonnie Dart: Verified Reviewer
5 star rating: Fantastic customer service!

Duffin Martin: Verified Reviewer
5 star ratin: Matcha Tea

Scott Morrison: Verified Reviewer
5 star rating: Always great

Gaye Villa: Verified Reviewer
5 star rating: Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Verified Reviewer
Wow!! So excited! Thank you Sam, such a wonderful surprise... :). One of my favourite products by far... I drink your matcha in my post workout shake every day, a key ingredient in my healthy life style.... 2015, off to a great start!!!

Verified Reviewer
One of my favourite recipes using SAMS awesome matcha!

Verified Reviewer
5-star quality product and service

Verified Reviewer
Best matcha I have ever bought and Sam is awesome!

Alison: Verified Reviewer
I have bought Macha tea from samsteasandspices.com for 4 years now and have always been very satisfied with their products.

Verified Reviewer
I am LOVING the iced matcha latte with wheatgrass!!!! Thank you Sam for helping me get healthy! I will be reccomending your products to all my friends.

James: Verified Reviewer
My package of matcha, wheatgreass & maca root has arrived. Opened them right away to put them all to the test. First time trying the maca root. Always great quality for an affordable price. Thanks!!

Verified Reviewer
Yes absolutely!, & THANK YOU for your selfless generosity Sam! Your great products & exemplary attention to customer service is always top notch. On a scale of 5 stars & 5 plus's (like eBay ratings), you are definitely AAAAAA++++++ !

Verified Reviewer
Oh WoW INCREDIBLE, THANK YOU so much Sam!! I received a Paypal email notification that my 'purchase' was shipped on Mon Aug 19th.I received the package today Tues Aug 20th @ 10:52am in perfect condition. I had no idea I had won anything, & though it was some mistake/mixup somehow! I was going to wait & see & then call you about it once the package was delivered. Thanks for the included note explaining I was the Grand Prize winner, but I never thought about checking on your Facebook page!, sorry about that. I'm here now posting, so THANK YOU very much Sam! :D Cheers to excellent health! (y)

Verified Reviewer
Received my package earlier this week. Thank you so much for the wheatgrass! Great products and great prices!

Lea-Anne: Verified Reviewer
Received my package today, thanks so much for the wheat grass and Maca root, looking forward to trying them! Delivery was just on time too, I used my last tsp of matcha in this mornings post workout smoothie! Thanks again!

Nicole: Verified Reviewer
Absolutley LOVE Sam's tea's! Matcha is my absolute favourite <3 THANK YOU!

Lea-Anne: Verified Reviewer
Huge fan of SAMs Matcha! Breakfast essential! Love your products...

Verified Reviewer
Thanks, wish you can have branch here in Philippines someday...

Verified Reviewer
Vanilla Chai is my favorite!

Verified Reviewer
http://thebakingrobot.com/2013/01/23/matcha-strawberry-fudge/ Another lovely recipe using your matcha!

Tamara: Verified Reviewer
I LOVE matcha, I drink it as tea and add it to my smoothies, it is fantastic!

Kristina: Verified Reviewer
Since trying Sam's wheatgrass, I am committed to using it versus my old way of purchasing frozen wheatgrass (way too expensive and it was not always easy to take everyday as I would have to defrost it, etc and could not mix it with anything). I have also tried Sam's matcha green tea for the first time and I love it! I add both to almost everything (from smoothies to my yogurt!) and I love experimenting with new recipes to include them and bring out the matcha taste. A personal favourite recently on these cold days have been Matcha Green Tea Lattes! I use almond milk as the base and sweeten it ...Read More

Becks: Verified Reviewer
Matcha is wonderful, i had it to all my smoothies I make. Great added health benefits!

Verified Reviewer
I also ordered the wheatgrass powder and I was so impressed with how well it mixes (compared to others I have tried). It is a great product, good resealable bags and Sam provides amazing customer service! I will be ordering again!

Verified Reviewer
Not only is Matcha good for you, Matcha Latte's are delicious - either with regular frothed milk & sweetener or with Soy Milk. I definitely prefer the energy boost I get from Matcha over the energy boost I get from coffee. I have encouraged many people to try Matcha, and encouraged them to get it from you. The Matcha I got from you was as good as any I have had at Starbuck's or other coffee shops and costs way less.