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Amazing Alfalfa Powder Mug Cake Recipe

This mug cake tastes great and is great for you too! Alfalfa powder has amazing benefits! Some of it's wonders include:  Very rich in vitamins and minerals Good for digestive system and issues May assist with maintaining healthy cholesterol levels May assist with cases of inflammation WHAT DO YOU NEED? -A mug -1 whole egg -1/2 Banana -3 tbl spoons of muesli or oats -1 tbl spoon of alfalfa powder -1 tbl spoon of honey (or more, depends on your sweet tooth) How? Squash the banana in your mug, add the whole egg, the oats/muesli and mix it well. While mixing, add the powder until there are no chunks left. Place the mug in the microwave for about 1- 2 minutes (check if it goes well!...

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Kava Kava Banana Smoothie Recipe

This summertime drink is perfect for a day of relaxation! Kava Kava powder has calming effects that are a great addition to any vacation.  Steps: Fill Blender 1/3 full of Crushed IceAdd 1/2 Teaspoon Kava Kava Powder Cut 1 whole Banana up into three parts and addAdd dash or two of Cinnamon powderAdd a couple of Tablespoons of Pure Honey (or use Stevia to taste)Fill Blender to about 2/3 full using Favorite Milk (or like product)  Blend 2 to 3 Minutes on High Setting at Medium Speed or Until Smooth and Creamy Recipe from Image from  

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Nourishing Antibacterial Matcha Masque!

We all know the health benefits of consuming Matcha ... by itself as a frothy tea, added to smoothies and even as a refreshing twist to baked goods. Over the last few weeks, I have explored the antioxidant and even healing qualities of Matcha as a beauty product; more specifically as a Masque.  It was mid February when I began my experiments, and just in time, because my facial skin needed help. Serious help.  Not only was it the dead of winter, but the temperature had risen and fallen frequently. I spent a lot of time traveling in my car with the heat blowing or the windows open. Some of that time was in a hospital, where the air is...

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