Matcha Masque

Nourishing Antibacterial Matcha Masque!

We all know the health benefits of consuming Matcha ... by itself as a frothy tea, added to smoothies and even as a refreshing twist to baked goods. Over the last few weeks, I have explored the antioxidant and even healing qualities of Matcha as a beauty product; more specifically as a Masque. 
It was mid February when I began my experiments, and just in time, because my facial skin needed help. Serious help. 
Not only was it the dead of winter, but the temperature had risen and fallen frequently. I spent a lot of time traveling in my car with the heat blowing or the windows open. Some of that time was in a hospital, where the air is dry and maintaining a proper diet and water intake was next to impossible.  Add stress and approaching the age of 40 to the mix and my poor skin was showing signs of turmoil and abuse.
Being a concerned consumer, I understand that in order to truly stand behind a product means regular use and consistent results. I have never known a product to give immediate results. Except this time...
After some research, some trial and error and of course, two solid weeks using this concoction daily, I'm pleased to say I've found the formula that has helped bring my skin back to life.
No more dry, flaky skin. No more strange teenager-like breakouts. I found my frown line between my eyebrows even softened a bit. This was from the first application! Consistent results ever since!
I chose to preform this regime in the morning as opposed to night time because I found my makeup lasted longer and I didn't seem to need a primer for a smooth and nearly flawless finish.
The added bonus?
It costs pennies per application!
(One time use. Not to be made in batches. Make fresh every time to maintain Antibacterial quality.)
1/2 tsp Sam's Tea and Spices MATCHA
A few drops of filtered water to mix evenly and remove any clumps. TOO MUCH WATER WILL MAKE IT DRIP OFF YOUR FACE!
Apply to a freshly cleansed face with a clean foundation or concealer brush. 
Leave for at least 15 minutes.
Wipe off with a textured face cloth for skin as smooth as a baby's bum! 
(I chose organic coconut oil because of its nourishing antibacterial properties for the acne I had developed. Another anti-aging option is pure vitamin A cream for its retinol content. No water is need to mix.)
Nourishing Antibacterial Matcha Masque
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