Kava Kava Banana Smoothie Recipe

Kava Kava Banana Smoothie Recipe

This summertime drink is perfect for a day of relaxation! Kava Kava powder has calming effects that are a great addition to any vacation. 


Fill Blender 1/3 full of Crushed Ice
Add 1/2 Teaspoon Kava Kava Powder 
Cut 1 whole Banana up into three parts and add
Add dash or two of Cinnamon powder
Add a couple of Tablespoons of Pure Honey (or use Stevia to taste)
Fill Blender to about 2/3 full using Favorite Milk (or like product)

 Blend 2 to 3 Minutes on High Setting at Medium Speed or Until Smooth and Creamy

Recipe from https://betterlivingusa.wordpress.com/2009/01/15/kava-smoothie-recipe-to-go-ape-over/

Image from https://www.konakavafarm.com/blog/mind-of-makaira/kava-the-health-food-a-banana-coconut-milk-kava-recipe/


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