Cocoa goes on a Date with Matcha, it's a ball

Matcha Cocoa Dates Balls

This is a great energy snack, with no artificial sugar or flavors. Raw, vegan,  gluten free recipe.


You need:

-1 cup of pitted soft Dates

-1/4 cup of  Organic Raw Cocoa powder (unsweetened)

-1teaspoon of  Organic Japanese Culinary  Matcha

Optional: 2 table spoons of cold Almond milk, any type of raw nuts.


-Place the Dates, Cocoa powder (milk and or nuts if you wish) into a bowl and mix well using your hands until ingredients are evenly mixed together. If you are making a bigger amount, you can use a dough mixer.

-Place the Matcha powder on a flat plat.  You can also use a strainer to dust the Matcha on the balls once done.

- With your hands, roll the mix into any size balls you like.

-Coat the balls with Matcha by rolling them one the plate of matcha.

Your energy balls are ready to eat.  Note that you would need to refrigerate the Balls if you use milk in them.

This recipe will make approx. 20 energy balls.


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