The Ultimate Giveaway



It's that time of the year again :)

Between Christmas and New year’s, we will be picking Three lucky participants to win our Ultimate Giveaway, Biggest Ever.

We will pick one winner from our Facebook page, one from our Twitter page and one from our website customer list. Prizes are as follow:


First Prize: Valued at over $750

*One year supply of Organic Matcha
*One year supply of Organic Wheatgrass
* $80 voucher to use on our website
*Deluxe Matcha Starter Kit including:
*High quality ceramic Matcha bowl
*Matcha Whisk holder
*Bamboo Whisk
*Bamboo Matcha Scoop
*Free Shipping


Second Prize: Valued at over $350

*6 months’ supply of Organic Matcha
*Deluxe Matcha Starter Kit including:
*High quality ceramic Matcha bowl
*Matcha Whisk holder
*Bamboo Whisk
*Bamboo Matcha Scoop
*Free Shipping


Third Prize: Valued at $100

*$100 voucher to be used on our website

Here is how you can win it:
*By participating on our Facebook or Twitter page
*By sharing your favorite recipes
*by sharing your experiences with us
*by providing feedback
*By reviewing our products

No purchase necessary

*Please note that contest is open to residents of Canada and the United States only.
*Winner will be announced here and contacted for shipping information.


  • shanna

    Looks fantastic! I can’t wait to try your products!

  • Anastasia G

    I purchased the organic matcha through a daily deal website and am very impressed with the product! I love matcha tea ad this is the best I’ve tried. I have a cup of the matcha every morning and have started incorporating it into smoothies as well. Great stuff, I will definitely be ordering more.

  • Susan Beler

    My daughter gave me a small container of Matcha tea that she had purchased from Sam’s. I used it as a tea, on my oatmeal and in my shakes. Love it. Now she has shared the Social Shopper deal with me and I have purchased a large amount of Matcha PLUS some Wheatgrass!!! Can hardly wait to start using them both.

  • Edna Siu

    Hi, I pop over because I saw the Social Shopper promotion of your products, I am glad that there is a chance to win some of your products. I wonder if you have a shop where we can visit?

  • helen s

    The best matcha ever. High quality, bright green in colour (very important when assessing matcha quality).

    I’ve been purchasing my matcha from sams teas and spices since 2011 and they always deliver. I want quality and I would never buy from anyone else.

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